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Join The PRO-GRAM – a monthly membership support platform created and managed by professional footballers Kevin Stewart & Ryan Tafazolli to support aspiring pros, pro footballers and football coaches.


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Meet Your Coaches

We are Kevin Stewart & Ryan Tafazolli. Professional Footballers & founders of The PRO-GRAM!

Kevin Stewart

Currently playing in the Championship for Blackpool FC

Currently playing in the Championship for Blackpool FC. Over the course of my career I’ve had a lot of triumphs & triple the failures. It’s always been hard to make sense of the amount of adversity I’ve faced in my career but it does now that the person it’s created & the knowledge I’ve accumulated can now be shared to make impact on the dreams & goals of others.

I’ve had some incredible achievements as a professional footballer but nothing for me is more fulfilling & purposeful than helping others with their lives & careers by using the knowledge & sharing the tools that worked for me. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in football & business is to learn from those who have walked the path you choose to walk. I look forward to working with you & making an impact, see you at work!

ryan tafazolli

Currently playing in League 1 for Wycombe Wanderers FC

I’ve been a professional footballer for 14 years now. After starting out at Southampton, renown as the best academy in England at the time, I thought I’d made it. How wrong was I. At 20 years old I was told I’m not being offered another contract and I felt like my life had come crashing down on me. However, little did I know, this was just the beginning. 7 years on from this I was playing for Hull City and Wycombe Wanderers in the Championship. A height that no one could forsee me reaching. 

Over these 14 years I’ve gathered an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise working with some of the best coaches, S&C’s, psychologists, physios and nutritionists in the game. Now I’m here for you. If I could start my career again, knowing what I do now, without doubt I’d get to the pinnacle of the game and that’s what I want to do for you guys. It won’t be easy but we can get you to the very top.

Why’s the Pro-Gram so effective & why join?

If your understanding of the task at hand is minimal, it doesn’t matter how hard you work.

  • Train like a Pro, become a Pro

    Unlock the same training secrets used by pro footballers with cutting edge programs that replicate their daily schedules.

  • Weekly/Monthly Support Coaching Calls

    Gather all the knowledge & resources as well as the accountability from two current Professional Footballer Players.


    Receive highly effective technical, fitness, strength & conditioning programs, nutrition & recovery plans and much more.

  • The Real Insight Into What It Takes To Become a PRO

    Learn & understand the workload, the mindset & the lifestyle you must adopt to give yourself the best chance of becoming a PRO.


Based on recent reviews

Showcase Games (Optional)

Are you ready to take your football career to the next level?

Our showcase game is the ultimate platform for aspiring young footballers to showcase their talents in front of scouts from some of the top semi-professional and professional football clubs.


    The opportunity to play in front of scouts and start your footballing career


    Receive both video footage and feedback from Ryan and Kevin, coaches and scouts on your performance at the showcase game


    A chance to have your footage sent to semi-professional and professional clubs in the top leagues in England for an increased chance in being scouted

Reviewed by players & prospects

With our knowledge we can
speed up your process

With our knowledge
we can speed up
your process

Learn How A True Pro Operates & Discover Your Highest Levels of Performance

the prodigy

33% off Showcase Games

For individuals committed to maximising their potential and achieving peak performance


Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Please feel free to contact us

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?


How quickly can I expect to see results?
You’ll improve your knowledge & strategy immediately. We expect an improvement in mentality after a few weeks of coaching calls & being amongst our community. In terms of technically & physically, of course it varies person to person but as long as you are consistent & follow the training programs we have provided, we can also expect an improvement in these areas within a 3-4 weeks & a vast improvement after 3 to 6 months.
Can anyone join The Pro-Gram?
Yes, The PRO-GRAM is available to everyone. All ages & levels of footballing abilities. You do not have to be or want to be a footballer to join. It’s also for patients, football coaches & those who want to stay active by training like a PRO footballer.
What do the Monthly Programs consist of?

The monthly programs consist of plans & sessions to optimise all of the most important aspects of professional football. These aspects include

–        Technical & ball mastery

–        Lower Body strength

–        Upper body strength

–        Core stability

–        Injury prevention

–        Recovery

–        Pre & post match routines

–        Nutrition & meal prep

What are the High Performance programs?

The high performance programs are extended & more detailed plans designed to train & improve specific attributes vital for performance as opposed to some of our all round training programs. For e.g a program focused solely on shooting, sprint speed, agility, specific muscle strengthening, jump height etc. A highly detailed schedule lasting 4-8 weeks, all High performance programs are created by experts who specialise in that particular area such as an Olympic level sprint trainer or a striker coach.

Where are the Showcase games held?
The showcase games will be held in different locations within the UK with future plans to be held across Europe & rest of the world.
How will I receive the programs?
You will receive your programs inside our online community chat that you will have access to immediately after becoming a member.


Based on recent reviews